May 3rd, 2013

Whiten Clothes Naturally with Home Made Bleach


This article came out in Think Your Body. I try to give you all as much information on home made products as I can when I find them. Enjoy! It’s easy to make your own bleach. You can disinfect your bathrooms, clean your toilets, and whiten your clothes naturally with homemade bleach.

Here are the ingredients to make your own home made bleach.

Whiten clothes naturally with homemade bleach


– 1 ½ cup 3% hydrogen peroxide
– ½ cup lemon juice
– Distilled water to fill a gallon jug
– 10 – 12 drops lemon essential oil


1. Mix all ingredients together in gallon jug. Gently shake to combine.

2. Use one cup of homemade bleach in your washing cycle to whiten clothes.

Why Consider The Following?

◾Bleach can often cause respiratory issues.
◾It can also cause burns to the skin and even nervous system damage.
◾Allergies and asthma are often irritated by bleach and can cause serious reactions in those who have problems with these conditions already.
◾Beyond causing its own problems, chlorine bleach also has some really dangerous potential reactions with other chemicals and materials.
◾Each year thousands of calls are made for help and of those calls about 1/4th of them are related to bleach and the household cleaners that contain them. Many of these accidents involve children and can be potentially fatal.

Yes, the simple stuff we use to whiten clothes is not safe. In fact, bleach can be deadly.

Okay, I know I’m sounding a little dooms-day here. And chances are if you use bleach you keep it in safe place and use it responsibly. That’s good. But is it enough?

Because bleach mixes so easily with so many other products that produce a wide range of toxins, we should be concerned. Many of the chemicals produced through chemical reactions with chlorine bleach are toxins that are known carcinogens. These chemicals build up in the environment. They get into the water and food supply, and increase our risk for many negative health issues. Once again we all have a part to play to keeping our world safe.

I hope you enjoyed this article and it made you think about the products you have in your home. You would be surprised at how many things you have that are poison and you are around them day in and day out. Not only in your home, but every time you leave your house. The longer you go without harsh chemicals in your home the more sensitive you will become when you are around chemicals. You will be able to smell them right away and will be amazed at the difference you are having in your home and your own body.

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