March 9th, 2012

Spring Cleaning Tips: Avoiding Toxic Ingredients in Cleaners and a Note from the Universe

Avoiding Toxic Ingredients in Cleaners

Since the EPA doesn’t require manufacturers to list every ingredient in a household cleaner, it can be hard to know exactly what you’re getting. Look for supplies or kits that are plant-based and fragrance-free, and that promise to not contain the chemicals listed above. Products that don’t test on animals are a plus, as are ones that are biodegradable as well as biocompatible (biodegradable means they’ll break down into their original ingredients, which is fine unless those ingredients aren’t natural; biocompatible products break down into water that’s safe for reuse). And be wary of companies that claim their product is “99% natural”–there’s no way of knowing what might be in that unlisted 1%.

A note from the Universe

It’s not as if one could be bored enough, feel frustrated enough, or complain enough that their life would suddenly turn around. Doesn’t work that way.

Whatever anyone “is,” Pama, they become more of. And anyone’s is’ness is whatever they say it is.

The Universe

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