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Light of Christ Center


How many more times are you going to be reincarnated? 5? 10? 1000? Do you see your karma account way out of balance for your reincarnations? Do you feel inadequate to the idea of advancing beyond the human experience of your reincarnations? “O God! Maybe 1000 more reincarnations will not be enough!”

Psst. Over here. Listen closely and do not argue. Ready? There is a shortcut. HoHo! I kid you not. You are going to have to have a really open mind for the next bit of information: When you consciously and fully allow yourself to be your God-self, all debts and doubts fall away. You are free!

Now you can argue. Reincarnation: Bring forth all your “but”s, “however”s and “oh no”s. Reincarnations Cast them before me. Heap reincarnations on my head. It is okay … for I know the truth, and I know your denials will help you to stay right where you are now.

You like it there. It is comfortable. What I am telling you looks

O so risky,

O so dangerous,

O so impossible,

O so easy to reject.

Reincarnation. You have the facts of your past iniquities at your fingertips. Know this: The past is past. The future is a vast field of potentials only. You just have Now to work with. And what are you going to do with your Now? Plan your future lives … or get ready to go Home?

A. God Particle

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