April 27th, 2013

Rebecca Archer, my friend who is in Africa as a Missionary, This is what she has to say and it’s so true!

Rebecca in Africa

The picture in this article is my friend. She and her husband Tony are spending time in Africa doing great Missionary work for incredible people who live in Africa. I am sharing this because our society needs some help and if any of you heed what this message is saying, some of my work is done in helping people better their lives.

Words by Rebecca Archer:
So, here’s what you do…you take a society and you bleach the heck out of their water, salt, sugar, flour and anything else you can get your hands on. Then, you sit them in air conditioned and heated buildings with no outside air…in front of screens (TV, games, computers) and THEN you NEVER let them walk anywhere, God forbid! Or have any connection between work and food. Fill that food with this really bleached sugar and monosodiumglucamate and dextrose and any other chemical that you can find. Can the food, freeze it or whatever but do NOT serve it fresh. And then wonder why everyone has ADHD, depression, obesity, and fibromyalgia!!! I am looking at a society who does NONE of those things, and they all look like they live at the gym – but they don’t even know what a gym looks like. Even the elderly are fit and have “hard bodies”. I would not want to exchange our society for one that only makes $150 a month on a good month…but…wow.

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