February 22nd, 2010

Question 18: The Children In The USA?

I have been going to lunches with different people. The conversations that I have been listening too about what our children here in this town are having to go through is appalling. One woman was telling us that on Fridays, they have to hand out food to children when they go home because they may not have anything o eat during the week end. Their parents work all week end and they do not have the time to deal with their children. How sad is that?

I hear of all these millions of dollars going out to other countries to help people who are having tragic times. Well what can we do to help our children here in the United States?

I have decided that when I am able, I will do what I can to help the people locally here in my home town. Why go out of the states when there are so many children suffering here in the United States? Can anyone answer this question for me?

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Author: Pama Lyons

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