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April 17th, 2018

At Peace!!!

At Peace!!!

I am going into my 5th month since Justine passed in November. I seem to be at peace with my situation and trying to move on and have a life. I seem to want to keep busy all the time. Doing this and doing that.

I think the greatest thing I am doing for myself that is making me feel at peace,  is being a caregiver to a sweet little 88 year old woman who has dementia. She is a hoot and we get along great. We have many of the same interests. I have only been doing this a month, but taking care of her a few hours a day has changed my life and has given me peace within in some strange way.


In many of my past lives I have been a caregiver in one form or another. This must be my calling in life. I have been a caregiver to three of my partners who passed from cancer. That is 44 years of my life being with anther person who at the end needed care giving. I am not a Christian by any means, but I am very spiritual and totally believe in God and know that there is a place to go beyond death. I am AT PEACE!

I think everyone needs to be at peace with their lives at one point. Sometimes it takes allot of living to be at peace with yourself. It took me a life time of many lessons to get to this point. In August I will be 70 and it has taken me this long to be at peace with myself and my life. We all have our lessons to learn in our life span. I hope that you can see what you have accomplished in your life time and the changes that has taken place for you.

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