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March 29th, 2020

Your Comment on How Can We Help One Another During the Coronavirus Outbreak?

Your Comment on How Can We Help One Another During the Coronavirus Outbreak?

The New York Times published me in their Comment section and I would like to share with you my suggestions. I hope they will help you in this time of confusion and uncertainty. We will all get through this most precious ones. Do not be sad. Keep Love and Joy in your heart. Help and love one another. The best thing you can do for you and your loved ones is staying home. That will save lives.

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Pama L | Alabama
What about riding bikes or reading books? When we were kids we used to have great imaginations. I’m not sure kids today have that. What about hiking in the mountains? Taking walks in the neighborhood. What about taking drives out in the country? Are all these things taboo now? What about doing some crafts and painting on canvas. Being creative for children and teenagers? Making things? Find out who’s birthdays are coming up and make them something they would cherish the rest of their lives. How about writing a letter to a cousin, aunt or uncle, or grandparent or do you have a book inside you you have thought about writing and never have sat down and started it? I have a 14-year-old grandson who is a great writer. I am a grandparent and I know I would love to get a letter from them. I think young people could entertain themselves if they would just let their imagination flow.

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February 1st, 2015

Angels Are Among Us

angelsareamongus Angels Are Among Us

I love this picture. How many of you think about Angels? I think about Angels all the time. I believe that Angels are surrounding me all the time where ever I go. I feel the their presents. I do not leave this house without asking for their protection.

It has taken me 60 some odd years to delve into my spirituality. I work on spirituality and getting in touch with my Angels everyday. I am surrounded by many loving people who have very special gifts that are in touch with God and themselves. I call them the Earthly Angels. The love that they share is incredible. I am in hopes that one day people will feel the love radiating from me when they are around me.

Angels Are Pure Love

Did you know that Angels are at your beckon call all the time? All you have to do is ask them and they are right there for you. They are the shining love upon you always. Take a deep breath and take the Angels in. If there is something weighing heavy on your mind today, ask them in and they will take care of you. They are always there for you no matter what.

Archangel Haniel, “Glory of God” Will help us with energy, mothering and passion for life. She also helps us to appreciate and love ourselves more. It is also said that she can help to recover the lost secrets of natural healing remedies. You can also call on Haniel to help bring beauty, harmony and loving friends into your life. Crystal affinity: Moonstone. I believe that Archangel Haniel stands out for me. She is so beautiful and stands for such beauty.

Just because you can’t see your Angels doesn’t mean they aren’t there. You are a shining star in their eyes. Angels around us, angels beside us, angels within us. Angels are watching over you when times are good or stressed. Their wings wrap gently around you, Whispering you are loved and blessed.

They love you and I love you.

I have some lovely Angels that you can see here on my Pinterest page. Visit anytime.