June 29th, 2015

Explanation of Angels

Angel of Healing Light

Explanation of Angels

The 7 Colors of Angelic Light

Author: Amada Linette Meder

RED – Strength, independence, self-sufficiency, rootedness, groundedness,
symbol of earth connection, of purpose, of fire. Stimulation of energy, rising,
physical energy.

ORANGE – Abundance, well-being, pride and connection, sexuality, connection and
relationships with others.

YELLOW – Support and stimulation of intellectual activities, self-worth, self
confidence, self-esteem and feelings of self-power.

GREEN – Heart and healing, joy and love, nature and connection to healing vibrations,
inner peace and restful feelings

BLUE – Clear communication and expression, protection through firm boundaries and space,
and spiritual assistance

INDIGO – Majesty, intuition, knowingness, ability to think and made sound decisions,
imagination, inner wisdom

VIOLET – Connectedness to all, divinity, ability to connect with inner and outer beauty,
spiritual bliss

Within the human body, each of the 7 colors of angelic light match with the 7 colors of
visible light and the 7 colors associated with each of the energy centers within the
human body. If an Angel appears in one of these colors of light, they have come to
assist you with one of the issues associated with that color and that Chakra, if you are
familiar with this system of energy.
Angels, both guardian Angels, and Archangels are known as the beings of Lightirely in
the light of the Divine.

Angels, unlike Spirit Guides and Deceased Loved Ones, have usually not been human and
they are without religion. The existence of Angels is entirely a manifestation of the
belief in Divine love and light, shining down from above.

Each of us has 2-3 guardian angels, which I like to refer to as personal assistants of
grace, love, and connection to the Divine, and we all have access to connect with the
Archangel to which we feel speaks directly to us. And, as we are multifaceted in our
own roles and lessons on earth, our own challenges and struggles, and the unique
situations we face – there are angels to assist us in addressing each one of these
areas. There are angels of love and compassion, angels to assist us with greater
understanding, angels to assist us with abundance, protection, healing, and intuition.
No matter what the angel and their unique personal or worldly role, their goal is the
same – to imbue each situation with a greater level of Divinity, grace, and love.
To see things more panoramically, with more gentleness, and with a deeper level of

Connecting with any spirit will help you facilitate a greater level of grace and
compassion, but this is the underlying specialty of angels. Where, in the realm of
fairies, the underlying service may be joy and light heartedness.

Angels are unique in the fact that no matter what their role and what they are present
to assist you with, they bring a level of non-judgmental Light and compassion, that is
unique to their spiritual origins – of pure Light and Love.

With this said, many people ask, okay, well … what does an Angel look like?

How can I tell the difference between an Angel and another Spiritual Being?

Angels can appear to us in many manners of ways, and while you can certainly sense and
feel the presence of an angel, they also have a unique appearance, different from other
Spirits – such as Spirit Guides, Fairies, or Loved Ones.

Angels can visit us when we are driving home from work, leaving a strip mall shopping
center, having a rough period of the day or during our lives, visiting a spiritual
location, assisting someone in the death transition, in meditation, in dreaming, in
the knowledge of our hearts and mind, and in many more ways.

The first step is connecting with your Angels is knowing what you’re looking for.

7 Most Common Traits of Angelic Appearances

1. Beings of Light

Often, when you see an Angel, it may just be a flash of light. As they are beings of
Light, Angels, can and do appear as simply that – light only. Blue, pink, green, or
white – a flash, a streak, or a ball of light. If you see a full form angel, which
is common in dreams and on unique occasions, this being is often surrounded by a
halo or glow of light. They are beings of the Light, and thus, they are embodied and
surrounded by light, and often, project it into the physical realm from time to time.
When have seen Angels, it has been in places where the Spiritual world is very close –
such as in a religious location or at the bedside of someone who is transitioning in
death – and the glow of an Angel is so bright, it can be hard to ignore!

Learn more about seeing Angels as Light.

2. Floating and Lifted

The Realm of the Angels is vibrationally lifted, elevated, and moving very fast, thus,
it is as though the Angelic realm is very high above us, and coming down to earth, is
like landing a helicopter. With all that energy – it’s more sensible to hover above the
earth, rather than land directly on it. With this said, in order to see an angel, your
energy, your emotions, your senses, must in some way be lifting off and up. Perhaps you
see in an Angel on a very hard day, and their presence is there only to lift away your
sadness or heavy energy, to provide you with a more elevated sense of being. Have you
been going through a period of difficulty or darkness? Seeing an angel, in some way,
is a sign that this period of emotional and physical heaviness, may be coming to an end.

Angels often appear floating slightly above the ground, to around eye level, as they
must lower their energy just enough to be visible to you – if only in light. Not heavy
enough, or close enough to the physical realm in Spirit (angels have usually never had
a human body), they do not land on Earth, as the energy is much too dense to stay and
provide you support from their own being and realm.

3. Genderless

Angels are the Spiritual Beings of non-judgement. As such, they often appear to you as
not male, not female, but possibly both or either. Also, angels are complete beings that
have mostly not taken human form – thus they have not been required to ‘choose sides’
that are inherent in selecting a gender. Thus, all angels embody both male and female
characteristics – ying and yang energies, outward and inward, solid and flowing.

While your Angel may appear to you as one gender, such as female, know that this is a
sign to you that the feminine energy is something you must embody now to assist you with
your situation. Where, your Angel, may also choose another time, to embody as male, when
outward strength is required in your life. The energies, male and female, are symbolic,
and can also be represented by earth elements of fire and water.

4. Wings

Most of the time, but not all, Angels appear with wings. Their floating and lifted
appearance, as though you are being visited by a weightless being, is also symbolic
of the presence of wings. Yes, the presence of wings on an angel is symbolic of their
nature – lifted, weightless, and beings of Light only – no density of matter.

If you should see an angel with wings, they many are of many sizes and color, which also,
is a symbol of their meaning and role in your life. Did an angel with rounded wings
appear once in a dream and then another time, in meditation, you were presented with an
Angel with pointed, sharp edged wings? Perhaps the first angel, the angel of softness,
was symbolic of the gentleness required in healing and self-healing, where the second
angel, with sharp-edged wings, was symbolic of the protection that we might require and
ask for in a sword or warrior.

5. Outfit

Much like the wings, the clothing by which the angels wear can vary, but is often a long
gown, perhaps of white linen, perhaps of satin pink, and this is regardless of gender.
The outfit worn by an angel is often flowing, loose, and gently touching their body.
Sleeves are often long and draping as though the clothes are an extension of softness
and grace. No curve is hugged too tightly or too loosely, and no body part is exposed
immodestly. The clothing of an angel is as though a gentle wind is blowing on their
clothing, which is fluid and complete.

The color of the clothing and light can be significant as to the function of the angel.
Is your angel wearing an electric blue or is there an electric blue light around them?
Perhaps this is Michael, who has been known to appear as blue and is the angel of
Protection. What about soft pink? This is the color associated with love and compassion,
and your angel may be present now to assist you with this.

6. Size

Many humans have commented on the size of Angels. They can be huge. Archangels, such as
Michael, Raphael, Ariel, Muriel, and others can be ginormous, appearing as nearly 10
feet tall. If they should appear to you in this size, know that you are encountering
the entire energy of this being. The size of an angel has to do with the vast scope
and sphere of influence of an archangel – who are guardians of all beings.

Personal guardian angels, however, are not less powerful than archangels – not by a
long shot – however, their energy is just that: personal. Guardian angels relate to you
on a personal one-on-one level, thus their energy of being is focused, and ‘on your
level’. They need not be huge as their beings are watching over one – and that is you.
Guardian angels are usually more ‘human sized’.

7. Symbolism

The overall appearance of an Angel is often symbolic in meaning. Just as with crystals,
dreams, and the cards of tarot, there is symbolism in the traits of the angel which
appears to you. When you look to an angel to understand why they have come, do not
forget to ask – What color is this Angel? What is their age of appearance? Size? The
shape of their wings? Then evaluate the colors, ages, and sizes, and understand, deeply
what these symbols mean to you. As we are each unique beings, as are our own symbols
that we use to relate to the inner, and outer, worlds around us.

Does your angel carry with it any tools or gifts? If so, this is an indication as to
what they have come to assist you with, or the tools and gifts that are inherent in your
own being.

After interpreting and understanding their appearance of light, lift, neutrality, and
appearance, hopefully, you may have an improved idea of the overall appearance and
qualities of you supporters within the Angelic Realm.

Connecting with and witnessing your Angels can be as simple as gentle practice,
openness, and awareness. Begin today – maintain with a watchfulness of unexpected
flashes, streams, or balls of Light

With love and light,

In each lifetime, you are given 1-2 guardian angels who watch over and connect with you
directly, these angels are also connected with colors, which can symbolize the areas of
the growth you are facing during this lifetime.

Beginning connecting with your Angel by tuning into your self and asking what is the
area where you need the most help and guidance at this time.

Accept what information, feeling or response that comes forward.

Author: Amada Linette Meder