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March 29th, 2020

Your Comment on How Can We Help One Another During the Coronavirus Outbreak?

Your Comment on How Can We Help One Another During the Coronavirus Outbreak?

The New York Times published me in their Comment section and I would like to share with you my suggestions. I hope they will help you in this time of confusion and uncertainty. We will all get through this most precious ones. Do not be sad. Keep Love and Joy in your heart. Help and love one another. The best thing you can do for you and your loved ones is staying home. That will save lives.

The New York Times

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Pama L | Alabama
What about riding bikes or reading books? When we were kids we used to have great imaginations. I’m not sure kids today have that. What about hiking in the mountains? Taking walks in the neighborhood. What about taking drives out in the country? Are all these things taboo now? What about doing some crafts and painting on canvas. Being creative for children and teenagers? Making things? Find out who’s birthdays are coming up and make them something they would cherish the rest of their lives. How about writing a letter to a cousin, aunt or uncle, or grandparent or do you have a book inside you you have thought about writing and never have sat down and started it? I have a 14-year-old grandson who is a great writer. I am a grandparent and I know I would love to get a letter from them. I think young people could entertain themselves if they would just let their imagination flow.

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October 7th, 2019

Encounter With An Angel While Hiking



















Encounter With An Angel While Hiking:

A Cross Found On A Trail While Hiking!

A few weeks ago my partner and I were hiking on Monte Sano, which we do quite often. On this path, we came across where someone had taken the time out to put together this nice cross made out of sticks and tied together propped up by large stones near this nice tree with moss. Down aways, someone tied a ribbon on a branch. I got this feeling that we were being watched by beings not so nice. As we walked down the path Jesus was whispering in my ear to stop on the way back at the cross, hold hands with Sue and pray at the cross.

We reached a fork in the road. There was a large boulder there that we stopped and rested on before we started back on the path. As we caught our breath we decided to start back. As we started back down the trail a very tall man approached us. He must have been at least six foot four inches tall, very blonde curly hair and bright blue eyes. First, he approached Sue and said hello, then he approached me and said hello looking directly into our eyes with a sparkle. As he continued down the path he broke off what looked like a dowsing rod and whipped back and forth the path like he was clearing it for us as we moved down the path rather swiftly. Back and forth, back and forth, using a very distinct rhythm. As we were following behind him, knowing all along he was an Angel, protecting us from whatever was out there in the forest, I could feel something out there, something was telling me not to let Sue pass me or get up beside me, so I kept watching behind me making sure she wasn’t close to me. Also watching for the cross. Never see the cross and the next thing we knew, we were back at the road and the blonde tall man was gone and we were back at the road we started out on. The photos are taken on that very hike so you can get an idea of where we are. Beautiful.

September 22nd, 2018

My Latest Work!!!

My Latest Work!!!

Since my partner Justine Shrider became ill the Angels have not requested a painting for anyone until this past August. I thought I would share it with you. I hope you enjoy it.

Angels are sending much love to Shehnaz Soni.

July 2nd, 2016

Angels Are All Around Us







Angels Are All Around Us And The Metaphysical

There are Angels All Around Us. They are calling us. It has been awhile since I have written anything on my blog. For some reason I seem to be inspired to start writing again. I hope you enjoy what you are reading. Angels are my main subject.

Angels are all around us. How many of you believe in Angels and ask for help on a daily basis? I have been attending a metaphysical church for the past five years. Called the Light of Christ Center. I am a member. Light of Christ Center is a Mystery School & a Metaphysical Church. This church will really wake you up to what is around you at all times.

Angels are all around us and they excite our metaphysical gifts. I know many of you experience some type of metaphysical feelings and are afraid to act on them because your church teaches that these things are a sin and evil and God will punish you if you get involved. In reality these gifts are given to us from God and He wants us to use them to better the world. God is pure love and there is no judgement. He wants us to feel the world with love for each other and help others through our gifts. He wants us to open up to the Angels who surround us daily by the thousands. Angels will not help you unless you ask for help. Do not be afraid. You will be amazed at the help you will get in your daily lives from Angels.

There are three types of Angels that are with you.

Guardian Angels, Angels, and Archangels

Guardian angels. Everyone has a guardian angel, with no exceptions.

Angels. These are the beings of light who respond to our calls for guidance, assistance, protection, and comfort. God’s thoughts of love create angels. The angels are here to help us, especially when our intent is to bring joy and healing to the world. Ask for as many angels as you want to surround you. Ask for angels to surround your loved ones, your home, and your business. Angels receive great joy at helping us, and they ask only that we occasionally remember to say, “Thank you” in gratitude for their help.

Archangels. These are the angels who supervise the guardian angels and angels upon the earth. You might think of archangels as the “managers” among the earthly angels’ hierarchy. You can call upon an archangel whenever you need powerful and immediate assistance.


July 23rd, 2015

Spiritual and Archangel Uriel

Spiritual and Archangel Uriel


Archangel Uriel












I go to a fabulous church called The Light of Christ Center here in Huntsville Alabama. The Rev. Donell Koch has given me permission to post her articles which I know you will find very interesting. I have learned so many things from this church and have had so many Spiritual things happen to me in the almost five years we have been attending this church. I have met so many wonderful gifted people and Thank God everyday for all my Blessings. I hope you enjoy this. As you know I love colors and put a picture of Archangel Uriel that has many colors.

Archangel Uriel is before us with Vision and Beauty.

Thank you for your service to our planet during this summer season.

Spend some time in silent meditation and call in Uriel to assist you in bringing peace into your world and the world around you. Be a transformer, not passive or indifferent. Through silence we learn to communicate in a very effective way, we learn to communicate heart to heart, and we learn to communicate soul to soul.

Uriel is one of the most powerful Archangels and is associated with the unimaginable light of God which gives us illumination. This archangel brings divine light into our lives as he transforms painful memories and restores peace.

We are burning with the “Fire of God” right now. It is very warm and humid. Let us bless this time. Magic works, let us all think of balance in ourselves and for our world.

Enjoy the summer months ahead for this is the “fullness” time of the year. We will receive both sunshine and rain as a balance in our nature. Maybe as we “feel” more intensely we will bring in the moisture that we need for balance in our environment as well as within ourselves.

Spend time with your family and friends on a feeling basis instead of communicating only from the mental. For it is by feeling that we contact our Soul and Christ. Think about, I mean Feel about it.

Love and Light,

Rev. Donell Koch


February 1st, 2015

Angels Are Among Us

angelsareamongus Angels Are Among Us

I love this picture. How many of you think about Angels? I think about Angels all the time. I believe that Angels are surrounding me all the time where ever I go. I feel the their presents. I do not leave this house without asking for their protection.

It has taken me 60 some odd years to delve into my spirituality. I work on spirituality and getting in touch with my Angels everyday. I am surrounded by many loving people who have very special gifts that are in touch with God and themselves. I call them the Earthly Angels. The love that they share is incredible. I am in hopes that one day people will feel the love radiating from me when they are around me.

Angels Are Pure Love

Did you know that Angels are at your beckon call all the time? All you have to do is ask them and they are right there for you. They are the shining love upon you always. Take a deep breath and take the Angels in. If there is something weighing heavy on your mind today, ask them in and they will take care of you. They are always there for you no matter what.

Archangel Haniel, “Glory of God” Will help us with energy, mothering and passion for life. She also helps us to appreciate and love ourselves more. It is also said that she can help to recover the lost secrets of natural healing remedies. You can also call on Haniel to help bring beauty, harmony and loving friends into your life. Crystal affinity: Moonstone. I believe that Archangel Haniel stands out for me. She is so beautiful and stands for such beauty.

Just because you can’t see your Angels doesn’t mean they aren’t there. You are a shining star in their eyes. Angels around us, angels beside us, angels within us. Angels are watching over you when times are good or stressed. Their wings wrap gently around you, Whispering you are loved and blessed.

They love you and I love you.

I have some lovely Angels that you can see here on my Pinterest page. Visit anytime.