June 9th, 2010

3 Great Reasons to Choose Chicken


This is a picture of a free chicken coop. This is how chickens should be raised. There is much more nutrition in free raised chickens than the horrible mass growers they use today.

If you are like me, I try to avoid chicken and beef at fast food restaurants. I saw a documentary on how these poor animals are treated. There for it turns my stomach to think about going through a fast food line. When you get a chance, you should watch Food’s Inc. Check this out. It will really make you think before you purchase your meats. http://www.foodincmovie.com/. Now unless it says organic and no antibiotics and free raised, I won’t buy meat. I am serious. You really should check this out. You won’t believe it.  I’m getting a little carried away. This article is telling you some of the benefits you have eating chicken.

1. Chicken gives your skin a glow. Chicken is a great source of coenzyme Q10, which assists in skin cell turnover. So yes, eating chicken could not only benefit your diet, but also make your skin look great.

2. It helps your body and brain. It’s high in the B vitamin niacin, which may protect against cancer and fight age related cognitive decline.

3. It can pump you up. The vitamin B6 found in chicken may help increase your energy levels.

Just about anyway you prepare chicken, with the exception of frying in oil, is good for you. It’s very fast cooking and easy to fix. Also try to stick with the white meat. It’s much better for you than dark. Has much less fat and none greasy.

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