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October 7th, 2019

Encounter With An Angel While Hiking



















Encounter With An Angel While Hiking:

A Cross Found On A Trail While Hiking!

A few weeks ago my partner and I were hiking on Monte Sano, which we do quite often. On this path, we came across where someone had taken the time out to put together this nice cross made out of sticks and tied together propped up by large stones near this nice tree with moss. Down aways, someone tied a ribbon on a branch. I got this feeling that we were being watched by beings not so nice. As we walked down the path Jesus was whispering in my ear to stop on the way back at the cross, hold hands with Sue and pray at the cross.

We reached a fork in the road. There was a large boulder there that we stopped and rested on before we started back on the path. As we caught our breath we decided to start back. As we started back down the trail a very tall man approached us. He must have been at least six foot four inches tall, very blonde curly hair and bright blue eyes. First, he approached Sue and said hello, then he approached me and said hello looking directly into our eyes with a sparkle. As he continued down the path he broke off what looked like a dowsing rod and whipped back and forth the path like he was clearing it for us as we moved down the path rather swiftly. Back and forth, back and forth, using a very distinct rhythm. As we were following behind him, knowing all along he was an Angel, protecting us from whatever was out there in the forest, I could feel something out there, something was telling me not to let Sue pass me or get up beside me, so I kept watching behind me making sure she wasn’t close to me. Also watching for the cross. Never see the cross and the next thing we knew, we were back at the road and the blonde tall man was gone and we were back at the road we started out on. The photos are taken on that very hike so you can get an idea of where we are. Beautiful.