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March 13th, 2012

Spring Cleaning Tips: End of Series and a Note from the Universe

My back yard last year. Spring is coming soon.

End of Series

I have come to the end of the Spring Cleaning Tips. I hope you were able to get some good ideas for you and your familis. Stay tuned. Other ideas are coming.

A Note from the Universe

Pama, if you could take a daily pill that would profoundly speed-up the manifestation of all your dreams, would you take it without fail?

I thought so.

What if it was a big, ugly pill that took 5 minutes to dissolve on your tongue, and it tasted like medicine. Would you still do it?

Yes, all of your dreams…

Thought so.

But what if during those 5 minutes each day you couldn’t watch TV, or talk with friends, or distract yourself in any way from your chore?

Wow, you must really want a fabulous pool table, and all those other awesome life changes!

OK, what if you could skip the pill bit entirely, but instead you had to set aside 5 minutes a day to visualize, in a dark and quiet room, seeing your life unfold as if all your dreams were coming true, and for good measure you had to say or do something, each day, that implied the same?

No, you can’t go back to the pill idea.

The Universe

March 12th, 2012

Spring Cleaning Tips: Home Organization and a Note from the Universe

CHIHULY Art Glass in Nashville

Home organization

Get a jump on your spring cleaning by tackling all of your home’s trouble spots, from junk drawers and closets to garages and attics–because having less to clean makes the job go that much more quickly. Once you’ve managed to get rid of those magazines you’ll never read and those clothes you’ll never wear, find green ways to get them out of your house, from donating and recycling to selling or reusing–which can help make someone else’s life a little greener, too.

Green your cleaning processes from attic to basement with our How to Go Green: Cleaning guide, and make sure your cleaning kit is stocked with eco-friendly scrubs and sprays with the Buy Green: Cleaning Supplies guide.

For a closer look at some of the companies offering green cleaners, see Treehugger’s posts on Ecoconcepts, B_E_E, OptionsforLife, Method, and Seventh Generation.

And give a deep clean to items you may have never thought of–including your condiments, your garden, your yoga mat and your nose.

A Note from the Universe

Perhaps the greatest of all illusions, Pama, is that life could somehow be better than it already is.

You’ve got it made –
The Universe

March 9th, 2012

Spring Cleaning Tips: Avoiding Toxic Ingredients in Cleaners and a Note from the Universe

Avoiding Toxic Ingredients in Cleaners

Since the EPA doesn’t require manufacturers to list every ingredient in a household cleaner, it can be hard to know exactly what you’re getting. Look for supplies or kits that are plant-based and fragrance-free, and that promise to not contain the chemicals listed above. Products that don’t test on animals are a plus, as are ones that are biodegradable as well as biocompatible (biodegradable means they’ll break down into their original ingredients, which is fine unless those ingredients aren’t natural; biocompatible products break down into water that’s safe for reuse). And be wary of companies that claim their product is “99% natural”–there’s no way of knowing what might be in that unlisted 1%.

A note from the Universe

It’s not as if one could be bored enough, feel frustrated enough, or complain enough that their life would suddenly turn around. Doesn’t work that way.

Whatever anyone “is,” Pama, they become more of. And anyone’s is’ness is whatever they say it is.

The Universe

March 8th, 2012

So What’s So Wrong With Conventional Cleaning Prducts? And a Note from the Universe!


So What’s So Wrong With Conventional Cleaning Products?

On the surface, they’re great at what they do, repelling dirt, dust, and grime with nothing more than a spritz and some elbow grease. But many of these cleaners contain toxic ingredients that, while safe in small amounts, could have unknown long-term side effects–like phthalaltes, which help products hold onto fragrances, but may cause birth defects; volatile organic compounds (VOCs), which lower indoor air quality and can be connected to respiratory problems; phosphates, which break down dirt but can also affect algae when they enter the water supply; petrochemicals, or petroleum-based by-products that have been linked to cancer; and chlorine bleach, which disinfects but can cause serious health problems.

Many of these ingredients are the same compounds you are working to eliminate from your furniture, beauty routine, and laundry processes; if they don’t have a place in your living room, medicine cabinet, or closet, they shouldn’t be in your cleaning supplies, either.

A Note from the Universe

Pama, the need to criticize simply belies a longing for recognition, appreciation, and validation. None of which, however, can be obtained through criticism.

I’m sure it’s just a phase they’re going through.

The Universe

March 7th, 2012

Spring Cleaning: Home Cleaning Supplies and a Note from the Universe

Chihuly Glasswork in Nashville

Home Cleaning Supplies

The strength of any deep clean comes from the supplies you use to wipe, polish, scrub, and soak–but that doesn’t mean you have to stock up on sprays and powders that are made of potentially toxic antibacterial chemicals. Find out how using kitchen staples–like vinegar, baking soda, and good old hot water–can get your house as sparkling clean as anything on the shelves (at a fraction of the price), and how those once-a-year jobs (like vacuuming the refrigerator coils) can make your home more efficient than you realized.

A Note from the Universe

Pama, do you know what’s really, really, really easy?

Whatever you say is really, really, really easy.

Same goes for the hard stuff.

You so fly,
The Universe

March 6th, 2012

Spring Cleaning Tips: Plan ahead and a note from the Universe

Large Jelly Fish at the Chatanooga Aquarium

Plan ahead

If you keep these tips in mind all year, then your 2012 spring cleaning will be that much easier. Don’t let stuff accumulate in your home; don’t buy things you don’t need; and don’t be shy about returning gifts you won’t ever use. Take advantage of the seasons to edit your collections and donate or sell goods–you might get more at a consignment shop for a winter coat in the fall then in the spring, and your yard sale of extra housewares may do better in late summer if you can catch the back-to-college crowd. Thinking green throughout all areas of your life–from your office to your wardrobe to your home electronics–will put you ahead of the game come next spring.

A note from the Universe

Actually, Pama, your only “job” in this intergalactic affair called life is thinking.

That’s it. That’s all there is.

And should you learn to focus your thinking, to dwell upon what you want instead of what you don’t want, and to live as if your thoughts are more real than the prior manifestations that surround you, your life will become easy, floodgates will burst open, and if you want, everyone shall know your name.

Somebody must have been loving you, BIG TIME, when this old world began spinning.

Your secret admirer –
The Universe

March 5th, 2012

Spring Cleaning Tips: Go Paperless and a Note from the Universe

My cat Jimmy. He rules.

Go paperless

This is one I’ve mentioned before–it’s a great way to green your home office–but your annual spring cleaning is a perfect reminder to make sure you aren’t overwhelmed by junk mail. Using a service like GreenDimes or 41 pounds, stem the tide of incoming junk mail; then set up your bank account for online billing and payments to cut back on waste. You’ll have fewer papers to file and keep track of, plus fewer forests will be decimated just for another J. Crew catalog. And as your magazine subscriptions expire, see if you can read online instead to keep your living space even more clutter-free.

A Note from the Universe

When you feel happy, Pama, really happy, it somehow seems that you’ve always been happy and that you’ll always be happy.

The same is often true when you feel sad, or lonely, or depressed, or broke, or sick, or scared.

Something, perhaps, to remember.

The Universe