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February 5th, 2010

Question 13: Can you live without a cellphone?

Can you live without a cell phone? This is a very good question. Sometimes I wonder what we ever did without them. I remember when they first came out. I worked as a waitress. I would approach a table. The customer couldn’t seem to get off the phone and wouldn’t acknowledge that I was even there to take their order. I used to think that was so rude. Now I couldn’t do without my cell phone. It’s the best invention ever.

Pama Lyons

February 3rd, 2010

Question 12: Can you survive in your city if you only have $10 for a day?

Do you think you can survive in your city if you only have $10 for a day? If you can I would love to hear your story. I usually do. I take drinks and sometimes bring my lunch with me when I leave for work. If I bring my lunch I don’t spend a dime all during the day. If I don’t bring my lunch, I wind up spending no more that $5.00. I do not know how it is for most people. Having a car helps also because I don’t have to spend bus fare.

February 2nd, 2010

Question 11: Internet vs text books whats your choice?

This question is for people who are attending school. I for one am not, but if I had a choice I would choose the Internet to text books. Those people who would rather use a book would choose text books. I would love to hear from someone who knows this question. Is it easy to study from a text book or use the Internet?


Pama Lyons

February 1st, 2010

Question 10: Do you have the habbit to collect things? what type of things you collect?

Collecting things is not my cup of tea. I hate clutter in my home. It makes me feel like I am suffocating if I have allot of belongings hanging around my living space. Now my garage is something else. My garage looks like a hoarders house almost. This is one of my projects when spring hits. I’m going to clean out my garage and get rid of most things that are stored. I believe if you have to put it in a box and store it you don’t need it so get rid of it. What do you feel about this?

I’m looking forward to your comments.

Pama Lyons