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January 29th, 2010

Question 9: Do You Live In Your Home Town?

I would say most people do not live in their home town. I myself have been gone for over 30 years. I am wondering how many of you still live in your home town?

Pama Lyons

January 27th, 2010

Question 8: Do you have only one password at multiple accounts?

Supposedly you have a Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, Socialvibe and Mylot (and let’s include your email address).. Do you have only one password on all of these accounts? If so how do you keep up with them?

I use only one password if I can get away with it. I sign up for many things. To keep up with more than one password is hard except I use RoboForm, which keeps up with all my passwords for me. I use supperdupper passwords for my bank accounts and what I feel are the most important.

Pama Lyons

January 25th, 2010

Question 7: Are you enjoying your job?

What job would you be doing and why do you enjoy it, if you do…and if not, then why not?

The job that I do right now, merchandising rep, I enjoy because I make my own hours, I don’t have a boss following me and telling me what to do all day and I don’t have to talk to people unless I feel like it. Mostly I feel like it because I like people. Also I can work at my own pace. That is important because I have a bad back. The down part of this job is there is no health insurance. That is o.k. for now because I go to a clinic here in town that goes by your income on a sliding scale. I am hoping that one day I will be able to choose my own doctor.

Please leave your comments. Thank you

January 22nd, 2010

Question 6: Taking Tornadoes for Granted

I was sitting at my computer yesterday around 5 pm, talking to a friend on SKYPE. I told her that it was pouring and I needed to run some errands. I wished it would stop. All of a sudden I heard the tornado sirens started going off. I told my friend that I don’t pay attention to them much because the area I live in has never had a touch down. All of a sudden the lights went off. I ran out on my porch to see what was going on. It sounded like 20 trains were going down my street. I looked up and debris was flying by my house. I ran in the house not knowing what to do. Get in the bath tub? I started to grab a comforter that we kept on the couch to cover myself with. It was gone. There for a minute, I thought I was a goner. It really scared me. I shook for a very long time.

I always felt safe and took it for granted that in the area I live, we have never had a tornado touch down. When the sirens went off in the past, I ignored them feeling safe and thinking that it won’t come here. I was totally wrong by thinking that way. I almost lost everything last night including my life because of that closed mind thinking.

The question I have is what do you do in case of an emergency? Give us some helpful hints on what to do. That would be greatly appreciated and very helpful for those of us who don’t know what to do in case of emergencies.

January 21st, 2010

Question 5: Compliment makes life brighter

Someone I know went to a seminar about public relations recently. Compliment is an important way to build good relations with others.They were asked to carry out an experiment witch I would like to share with you.

They were given some flower seeds, which were divided into two groups.They put the two groups of seeds into two vases, which were put into the same room with same conditions. The flower seeds in the two vases shoot up after three days. They labelled the vases differently.They put GOOD on one and BAD on the other. For the flower with GOOD label, we praised it every day, while for the flower with BAD label, we scolded it every day. To our big surprise, the former grew stronger and blossomed after a week while the latter died on the fifth day.

That is the power of compliment. The plant likes good words, no need to mention humans.Compliment encourage people to do a better job.

Do you believe this? What is your comment on it.

Glad to hear your opinion.

January 20th, 2010

Question 4: Tipping

No matter what service is done for you do you feel you have to tip?If you have your hair done or go out to eat do you feel you have to tip?I feel like I do if the person performing a service for me is all nice and does a good job.How about you?

To me tipping should only be done if you get the service you deserve. Restaurant tipping especially. Restaurants are the only businesses that under pay their employees. It should be illegal to pay someone slave wages in any business. Being a former restaurant worker this is kind of a sore spot to me. Not only do servers take care of the customer, they also have to do the cleaning and taking care of the restaurant. Even cleaning bathrooms. I’m sure a cleaning business doesn’t pay their employees $2.13 an hour. Do you? Never tip bad service anywhere you go. Tipping was meant to be something extra to show your appreciation to one who is giving you extra attention. Nothing more.

January 19th, 2010

Question 3: What to wear to a job interview?

I was in management for over 15 years in restaurants. The way some people came in to interview for a job was unsightly. I think people should dress in a business outfit for any job interview they go to. To me the way you dress tells what type of person you are. In restaurant work, it’s important to also watch the way they walk. If they walk slow, they will be a slow worker. If they walk fast they would be a fast worker. There are lot’s of little tricks to watch out for when interviewing people for a job. Of course it depends on what type of job it is. What is your opinion?