October 31st, 2014

About Me and My Cats


About Me and My Cats





Who Am I?

Angels have called and inspired me to paint. For me, acrylic paints are the best. My clients come to me, I do not come to them.  All paintings have the likeness of an Angel. The artwork is touched with love, healing, and peace, by the Angels. If you would like to look at my paintings visit this site:  http://angelartbypama.com.

My Dowsing and Spirituality!

Going through so many changes in my spirituality. My healing sessions are done with a brass pendulum.  The connection is very strong and powerful. You can feel the healing flowing through the bodies of the people you are working on. So many things can be done with dowsing. You meet so many interesting people who can help you on your path.


Bella My Female Cat

Bella is our female cat. She is a tortoiseshell cat. Beautiful markings. I had a cat named Phoebe and she was killed in the back yard when we were gone on vacation. I grieved so much that my partner Justine, went to the shelter. She found Bella who looked very much like my Phoebe when she was a kitten. Brought her home and she has ruled the roost ever since. She is very demanding. When she wants to play she nags at us until one of us figures out that she wants to play and we pick up a shoe string and dangle it in front of her. She is a talker. When she wants something she nags at us until we figure out what it is. Some times she just wants us to lay down with her and take a nap.






Jimmy My Male Cat

This is my cat, Jimmy. The male wanderer.  Jimmy was hanging around our house. At the time he was around one year old. He looks like a Main Coon Cat except he is small. Brown and white long hair. Sweet little boy but stubborn and set in his ways. One Christmas he taught us that when he rings the bell that was hanging on the door, we were to let him outside. When that happened, I left the bells hanging on the back and front door. After awhile he learned that when he rang the bell and ran into the kitchen, he would get food. I would say he is very smart. He is going on 10 years. He developed a tumor in his mouth. My friend Katy Willis, who is a Shaman, did a healing session on him and his tumor disappeared. The vet told us he would have about six months. That was about four years ago. Miracles do happen. Jimmy loves the outdoors more than being inside. He only comes in at night to be loved on for awhile and then back out he goes. When it is really cold out he will stay in at night.