December 20th, 2017

Cancer Won Once More!!!

Cancer Won Once More!

Cancer won once more. On November 19, 2017 I lost my partner, Justine Shrider, to cancer.

She fought for a little over two years before she finally stepped back to her cancer and allowed her cancer to take over and bring her to her final destination. Home!

Cancer Won Once More!

We had 11 wonderful years together. The last two were spent fighting the cancer that was trying to take Justine’s life.

Let’s be honest, loosing your loved one to cancer is a horrific loss and a horrible thing to have to go through, but a welcome one when finally the loved one who is suffering is finally put to rest. The battle is over.

There is a relief that is unexplained. The caregiver, watches their loved one from day to day, feeling helpless to take the problem away, until that person takes their last breath. The battle is finally over.

Cancer Won Once More!

Justine was my third partner to die from cancer. The first one I was 31, the second partner I was 55 and this time I am 69. Each one was totally different.

This one I feel very peaceful about. The way Justine was able to go out was very gracious. She went out without pain and at peace. Each step seemed planned by something higher than the both of us. Justine died very graciously.

My first two partners suffered a great deal in their last hours. I made sure Justine had the medicine she was suppose to take at the times she was suppose to take them and gave her her supplements when she could take them.

I feel that I had a great deal to do with the way she left. I know she is so happy to be where she is right now and I am happy that she is there.

Cancer Won Once More!

As you can see by her picture that she looks beautiful. This picture was taken of Justine Shrider just a week before she died. No one believed that she was as sick as she was because she always had that sparkle in her eyes and she always glowed, looking beautiful. Cancer won once more!

I guess you can say cancer has played a big part of my life. I must have been put here on earth to be a caregiver of cancer.

The color pink has been totally ruined for me because when I see pink all I think about is cancer and not the color pink. I do know one thing, that no cure will save anyone’s life unless they actually want to stay here on earth to live.

Most people die from cancer because by the time it’s found it’s too late and they are already so tired of fighting cancer that they are grateful to leave and be out of their misery. Justine fought and went through more than any one human being should.

She put up a good fight, but it was just too much. Cancer won once more!

by: Pama Lyons


July 16th, 2017

Cancer and Living With Cancer On A Daily Basis!









Cancer and Living With Cancer On A Daily Basis!

Cancer is one of the most brutal and cruel diseases on the planet. This is my third partner with cancer. The first two died. This partner is fighting and moving forward in her healing and fight to not let it get her down.

Cancer Diagnosis

Two years ago her first cancer diagnosis was stage 4 thyroid cancer. Her surgery consisted of removing the thyroid, along with some lymph nodes and a jugular vein. Four months later the cancer tumor started growing back between her esophagus and her spine. It was closing off her swallowing and she was getting to the point where she was unable to barely swallow food. Her ENT doctor recommended a specialist in Birmingham who did a surgery that was not done here in Huntsville. A total laryngectomy which included the removal of her voice box. They also took a flap from her arm and rebuilt her esophagus because they had to remove her original esophagus. They had to graft skin from her thigh onto her arm. after being in and out of the hospital from infections and calcium over does she finally straightened out to a livable but hard condition. She is now 78. You can imagine how difficult this was, but she is a fighter and trooper through all this.

Losing Loved Ones from Cancer!

I had already lost two partners from cancer, you can imagine my reaction when my partner was told she had stage four thyroid cancer. My first thought was that I wanted to commit suicide. I did not want to have to go through this horrible ordeal again. What is God thinking? Why am I learning these lesson in one life span? Can’t I learn one lesson in each life span? Why am I the one who is always watching the person that is most important in my life die a horrible death? When her cancer came back the second time I pulled up my britches along with her two sons and family and we pulled through this one. The doctor said that they got all the tumor so therefore no extra treatments were needed. Just to keep an eye out and keep track of how she is progressing.

Cancer CT Scans!

Scheduled for her first CT to make sure that cancer had not come back. Prior to that, she had a swollen lymph node come up on her neck. She did not tell me about this when it happened but waited until the appointment for her first CT. The doctor was concerned and wanted to remove it and do a biopsy. She agreed before thinking about it and was under the impression it was going to be an outpatient procedure and nothing to it. The more we got into it the more it felt like possible major surgery might be involved. She decided to cancel it and decided that she did not want to be bothered with any more medical procedures. She had had enough.

ENT for Cancer Screening!

She wanted her regular doctor to take over her care of keeping an eye out on her cancer. They sent her back to see her ENT specialist here. Her doctor examined the swollen lymph node. He recommended that she do a needle biopsy to check if it had cancer. She decided she did not want to know and take one day at a time. You can imagine the daily fear but she is so brave. You would not know that fear is involved.

This has been a stressful journey for both of us. Healing sessions on her have held off my depression. I no longer feel I need the help of medication.  So I will continue to do the healing session on her plus she has agreed to take Frankincense, in hope that this will keep her cancer at bay and it will never return.


July 16th, 2017

Childhood Memories! Thinking Back!

Childhood Memories

Childhood memories. I decided to write an autobiography on childhood memories. This seems to be a good topic for my blog. I am willing to share.  Others could relate to my experiences. Unfortunately, I am the kind of person who actually remembers mostly sad and bad things more quickly than I remember the good things that happened to me in my childhood memories.

When my mother became pregnant with me she was on her way to a divorce. My father turned out to be a bigamist, liar, and con man. Before my mother married Edwin Lyons, we lived in Bakersfield, California.

My mother has always worked as a waitress throughout our lives. My grandmother, Eva OGwin, we all called Momma, took care of me while my mother worked. Of course, I became very attached to my grandmother and didn’t want much to do with my mother. Momma also took care of my two boy cousins Rusty and Ronny, who belonged to my Aunt Opal. Rusty (Gary) is three years older than me and Ronny was two years older than me, deceased at the age of 45 from cancer. I was born in 1948. My father’s name was Joseph John Paige. Before I was born, my mother found out he was a bigamist. Still married to his first wife. He had four children with him. At the time he bought my mothers wedding ring from a friend and the check bounced. Mother had him prosecuted and he spent 1 and 1/2 years in San Quintin. In Bakersfield, my mother wrote the prison to tell my father he had a girl. My mother told me when he got out of prison he came to Bakersfield to see me. Took me out for the day and gave me a photo album he made in prison. I still have it to this day. I do not remember this day. I was only one year old. His best friend in prison was a murder. Joseph having a prison record had totally ruined his life. Those of you who are thinking of breaking the law, don’t do it. It will follow you the rest of your life and good jobs usually won’t hire people who have a record.

Childhood memories. When my mother worked, Momma took care of all three of us. When my boy cousins wanted to go somewhere and I wanted to go with them, she would tell me a Big Black Boogy Man would jump out from behind the bushes and get me. This was supposed to keep me from wanting to go with my cousins. Apparently, it worked very well. I do not remember this part of my life as well. What I do remember is my mother meeting someone in Holtville, California, named Edwin Lyons, married him. I was told that she wanted to get me away from my grandmother. We moved to Holtville. Edwin adopted me and I was two years old. One year later they had my little sister Debbie. Our birthdays are one week exactly apart. Mine is August 23 and Debbie’s is August 16.

Remembering My Childhood At It’s Earliest

Childhood memories. The earliest that I remember is when I was around three. All the family was gathered around the kitchen table and people were crying. My father, who adopted me when I was two, was crying. They were talking about grandpa passing away. I do not remember why but everyone was so sad.

My Scary Story

Childhood memories. Remember me telling you about my grandmother scaring me to keep me from going somewhere with my cousins? She did a very good job installing the Big Black Boogeyman in my memories. Every night until I was nine years old I had the same bad dream. I was being chased by a Big Black Boogeyman. There was always a bush next to me while I was running. Every night I would have to sleep with one of my parents because I woke up screaming. When I was nine, I was sleeping with my mother, which was a nightmare in its self. If you moved it would wake her up and she would scream at you. One night I was sleeping with her and I felt someone staring at me. I sat up in bed and looked to see who it was. My grandmother who lived over 400 miles away, was standing at the end of the bed, laughing and wringing her hands. She started to reach for me and I started screaming bloody murder. Woke everyone up in the house. The next day, I was afraid to go to the bathroom by myself because I was afraid I would see her coming after me again. That night after all those years, broke the spell of having the Boobyman dream. I never had it again. To this day I can see that Boobyman chasing me like it was yesterday and I’m 68. That is something that will never leave my memory.

Memories of the Life Starting In Holtville

Childhood memories. We lived in a house that I believe my step grand mother owned. It was a small stucco house. I remember it having a trailless on the side of the house with vines and flowers growing across up and over the trailless. There was a swing set I used to swing in all the time.One day I was swinging and looked up at the trailless and to my amazement, there was a monkey swinging on the vines. I ran into the house to get my mother, Louise, to show her the monkey. When she came out to the trailless and looked up nothing was there. No monkey. She called me a liar and went back into the house. I guess I was around three. Later on my mother heard that one of the monkeys in the cage at the park escaped. So I wasn’t lying after all. I don’t believe she apologized to me about calling me a liar, but at least she found out I was telling the truth. Another childhood memory. I had a little friend who lived a couple of doors down that I played with quite frequently. One morning I wanted to go and play with him. My mother said that he wasn’t home and I insisted that he was. She grabbed my arm and dragged me down to his house. She knocked on the door. No one answered. He was not home. Mother then dragged me all the way home whipping me with a broom because I called her a liar. I was still about three years old.Another thing I remember living in that house in Holtville, California, is my parents, Eddie and Louise, had brought home my little sister Debra, from the hospital. My parents hired a Mexican woman who came from the mountains in Mexico. She did not speak a word of english. The woman would do the laundry. She carried a basket of clothes on her head and my sister on her back while she hung up cloths on the line outside. I remember my mother asking what the woman was saying and I would have to translate to my mother what was being said. Apparently I could speak and understand spanish at the time. I have totally lost that ability.

Childhood memories, My Uncle Alfred and Aunt Dorothy, Sandy and Diane, my cousins, lived next door. One day I was over that their house at someone’s birthday party. Someone said something that really made me mad. I don’t remember what it was. I jumped on my tricycle and headed downtown to find my mother. Holtville was very small but to a three year old it was a very big place. I peddled all the way down town. My mother heard about and and went looking for me. She found me in front of the post office. She put my tricycle in her car and me and drove me back home.  That is pretty much all I remember but I do remember pedaling and pedaling to find my mother. It’s funny the things that little kids remember. Holtville was a desert town and it was not unusual for little kids to just wear their underwear. My mother tried to keep cloths on me but to no avail. One time she had these jeans that she put on me, and found them in the little pond in front of our house. I think she gave up trying to keep clothes on me. I remember us having to go somewhere and she got us in the car. Little kids stood up in the front seat in those days and when whoever was driving had to stop, an arm was thrown in front of the kid to keep them from falling into the dash board. My mother kept smelling something. She looked in my underwear. Low and behold I had pooped in my pants. She grabbed me and took me back into the house to change my underwear.


July 2nd, 2016

Angels Are All Around Us







Angels Are All Around Us And The Metaphysical

There are Angels All Around Us. They are calling us. It has been awhile since I have written anything on my blog. For some reason I seem to be inspired to start writing again. I hope you enjoy what you are reading. Angels are my main subject.

Angels are all around us. How many of you believe in Angels and ask for help on a daily basis? I have been attending a metaphysical church for the past five years. Called the Light of Christ Center. I am a member. Light of Christ Center is a Mystery School & a Metaphysical Church. This church will really wake you up to what is around you at all times.

Angels are all around us and they excite our metaphysical gifts. I know many of you experience some type of metaphysical feelings and are afraid to act on them because your church teaches that these things are a sin and evil and God will punish you if you get involved. In reality these gifts are given to us from God and He wants us to use them to better the world. God is pure love and there is no judgement. He wants us to feel the world with love for each other and help others through our gifts. He wants us to open up to the Angels who surround us daily by the thousands. Angels will not help you unless you ask for help. Do not be afraid. You will be amazed at the help you will get in your daily lives from Angels.

There are three types of Angels that are with you.

Guardian Angels, Angels, and Archangels

Guardian angels. Everyone has a guardian angel, with no exceptions.

Angels. These are the beings of light who respond to our calls for guidance, assistance, protection, and comfort. God’s thoughts of love create angels. The angels are here to help us, especially when our intent is to bring joy and healing to the world. Ask for as many angels as you want to surround you. Ask for angels to surround your loved ones, your home, and your business. Angels receive great joy at helping us, and they ask only that we occasionally remember to say, “Thank you” in gratitude for their help.

Archangels. These are the angels who supervise the guardian angels and angels upon the earth. You might think of archangels as the “managers” among the earthly angels’ hierarchy. You can call upon an archangel whenever you need powerful and immediate assistance.


August 9th, 2015













Light of Christ Center


How many more times are you going to be reincarnated? 5? 10? 1000? Do you see your karma account way out of balance for your reincarnations? Do you feel inadequate to the idea of advancing beyond the human experience of your reincarnations? “O God! Maybe 1000 more reincarnations will not be enough!”

Psst. Over here. Listen closely and do not argue. Ready? There is a shortcut. HoHo! I kid you not. You are going to have to have a really open mind for the next bit of information: When you consciously and fully allow yourself to be your God-self, all debts and doubts fall away. You are free!

Now you can argue. Reincarnation: Bring forth all your “but”s, “however”s and “oh no”s. Reincarnations Cast them before me. Heap reincarnations on my head. It is okay … for I know the truth, and I know your denials will help you to stay right where you are now.

You like it there. It is comfortable. What I am telling you looks

O so risky,

O so dangerous,

O so impossible,

O so easy to reject.

Reincarnation. You have the facts of your past iniquities at your fingertips. Know this: The past is past. The future is a vast field of potentials only. You just have Now to work with. And what are you going to do with your Now? Plan your future lives … or get ready to go Home?

A. God Particle

July 23rd, 2015

Spiritual and Archangel Uriel

Spiritual and Archangel Uriel


Archangel Uriel












I go to a fabulous church called The Light of Christ Center here in Huntsville Alabama. The Rev. Donell Koch has given me permission to post her articles which I know you will find very interesting. I have learned so many things from this church and have had so many Spiritual things happen to me in the almost five years we have been attending this church. I have met so many wonderful gifted people and Thank God everyday for all my Blessings. I hope you enjoy this. As you know I love colors and put a picture of Archangel Uriel that has many colors.

Archangel Uriel is before us with Vision and Beauty.

Thank you for your service to our planet during this summer season.

Spend some time in silent meditation and call in Uriel to assist you in bringing peace into your world and the world around you. Be a transformer, not passive or indifferent. Through silence we learn to communicate in a very effective way, we learn to communicate heart to heart, and we learn to communicate soul to soul.

Uriel is one of the most powerful Archangels and is associated with the unimaginable light of God which gives us illumination. This archangel brings divine light into our lives as he transforms painful memories and restores peace.

We are burning with the “Fire of God” right now. It is very warm and humid. Let us bless this time. Magic works, let us all think of balance in ourselves and for our world.

Enjoy the summer months ahead for this is the “fullness” time of the year. We will receive both sunshine and rain as a balance in our nature. Maybe as we “feel” more intensely we will bring in the moisture that we need for balance in our environment as well as within ourselves.

Spend time with your family and friends on a feeling basis instead of communicating only from the mental. For it is by feeling that we contact our Soul and Christ. Think about, I mean Feel about it.

Love and Light,

Rev. Donell Koch


June 20th, 2015













As you know I love Angels and ran across this article. I thought I would share it with you.

As You Know I Love Angels!


By Karen Borga

Angels leave signs to reassure, comfort and guide us. Signs can be simply to let us know they are present. They can also be answers to questions we may have asked and guidance to help us through difficult times. Often, these signs appear in unexpected places and times. Pay attention to see them.

How do you know if it’s really a sign?

Angels give you compelling directives to notice their signs. The sign will completely draw your attention. Sometimes they are big and obvious, other times they will be located in a little corner and you just happen to glance there. When you see it, you know it was meant for you. You will feel it in your heart.

10 Most Common Signs from Angels

1. Feather Blessing Signs
Feathers appear when Angels are near. Often referred to as the “calling card” of the Angels, feathers are reminders that your Angels are always near. Feather blessings can come in all colors, shapes and sizes. The most common are little fluffy white ones.

2. Coin Signs
“Pennies from Heaven” as they have been coined, appear to us to brighten our spirits. Receiving this bit of abundance from the Angels means they want you to know they are helping to support you; financially, physically, emotionally and spiritually. Pennies are not the only denomination Angels use, they leave dimes, quarters and other currency, too. (Angels bring coins to people all over the world, of course.)

3. Butterfly Signs
These winged beauties are a special sign from the Angels. They can just flitter by or even spend longs periods of time with us. You can feel the gentle message of love they bring. Butterflies symbolize amazing change and transformation coming for you.

4. Cloud Signs
Angels create the most amazing messages in the clouds. You can see Angel shapes, wings, feathers and more. Receiving these signs is your Angels’ way of showing their physical presence in your life.

5. Dream Signs
Angels are able to easily reach us in our sleep, because we have finally slowed down enough to be receptive. You will know if your dream is a message because it will be compelling enough to remember. Create a dream journal when you find your Angels sending you dream messages.

6. Sparkles of Light
Many people can see Angels with their eyes open. They appear as sparkles of light often in their peripheral vision. If you turn to look, they disappear. They are most often golden white. When you see colored lights, they are often Archangels who are there to help you with special situations. An example would be, Archangel Michael will come as a blue light bringing protection and courage.

7. Number Signs
Angels will try to reach you using repeating numbers. You will begin to see the same numbers and patterns everywhere. 11:11 is the symbol of spiritual awakening, 4:44 means your Angels are sending you blessings. Angels will use birthdates and other numbers that have meaning to you. You will see them on clocks, license plates, signs and your computer.

8. Sensing Signs
Your Angels can come to you as a very subtle brush on your arm or cheek. You can feel goose bumps up and down your back (or entire body). You may also sense a temperature change when Angels are making their presence known.

9. Sound Signs
Angel will use a song or lyric on the radio to bring the answer you have been ask for. The person in front of you in the supermarket may say just the thing you needed to hear. As you flip through channels on the TV, the Angels can be sending you a message. You may hear your name called out loud, or a soft voice that sounds like your own giving you guidance. Chimes and bells bring messages too.

10. Printed Signs
Books can fall of shelves open to the page you are meant to read. Billboards, street signs and magazines will bring messages to you. It can be the words or the images that will attract your attention. You may ask a question while driving and be compelled to notice the stop sign. You will have your answer. Angels are always present in your life. Ask your Angel to bring you signs for guidance, and then stay in the present moment so you can see the signs.

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